Covidash, the first COVID-19 dashboard for mobile.

Designer choices can affect your access to vital health information. In the case of the 2019 COVID-19 pandemic in Italy, the earliest COVID-19 dashboards were inaccessible on mobile phones even though mobile use was so prevalent.

When our team realised that Italian citizens could not access important health-related information on the Covid-19 pandemic through their tech of choice, we decided to step in. We designed a dashboard that offers daily updates on open COVID-19 data on a mobile-friendly dashboard.

What we did

  • Data visualization
  • Web design
  • Front-end dev.
  • UX



The idea
Hey, do you remember the mobile-first approach?

When the global health emergency of Covid-19 started, almost all the COVID-19 informational dashboards, in Italy, were accessible via desktop. To us it was unacceptable that the public would have roadblocks in accessing such important health information. So, we decided to design our own mobile-first COVID-19 dashboard.

The dream team
If you want to go far, go together

During the first week of the lockdown, we connected with some colleagues and friends to join forces in the design of Covidash. Thanks to our friends, Riccardo e Luciano, from CAST Type and Maurizio from FBK we had fresh data and fonts to bring Covidash to life.

The mobile, its natural environment.
An intense week
It's alive!

One week after Covidash saw the light of day, we made it an open-source platform to allow people to extend, improve, fix or translate the dashboard. You can access these open source files on our Github repository

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