We’re a socially-focused data design studio based in Italy✨.
The planet's data at your hand
Minding the (diversity) gap in street names.
Turning climate data into a digital common.
Other interesting works we’ve done:
Disabled Data is a year-long project that immersed us completely in the world of Italian disability data. A project that brought the debate on data, disability and accessibility to the forefront.
In our first collaboration with Veneto’s statistical office, we designed an interactive, digital version of their annual report. It’s the first effort to offer Veneto’s citizens access to digital tools and transparent knowledge.
How far 410 million citizens live from train stations in 16 European countries? Don't miss “Don't miss the train”, our first collaboration with Journalism++ within the European Data Journalism Network.
How we work
We rely on a collaborative design approach to identify priorities, pitfalls, efforts and technologies to create a roadmap. In a nutshell, we create projects that make us happy, you proud and your audience infatuated!.
We craft highly curated creative strategies to empower your organization’s communication. We’re media agnostic and the scope of the project depends on your audience, context and content. We create strategies based on the media that best fits your needs.
Know your audience and then design for them. We understand who and how people expect to interact with you through creative and traditional methodologies, designing for and around them.
We design by highlighting your needs, and then gunning straight for your goals!
Interviews, analytics and observations: we rely on several strategies to evaluate the way our projects impact society and the debate and the audiences you’re concerned about.
We have a manifesto and we are proud of it.
Data don't lie is a lie.
We design informative experiences.
We use co-design and human-centred methods.
Design isn’t a tool, it’s an attitude.
We connect design and science.
Humour first, professional always.
We work ethically. We work with and for NGOs, foundations, and art and cultural institutions.
We’re radical, we’re not extremist: don’t match the manifesto to a T? Let’s talk anyway.
Yes to hybrid design, culture and people.
No to walls.
We’re Sheldon.studio and this is our manifesto. We believe it is important to share our position on design, life and humans and we’d love to hear your perspective too.
Think we can help?
Let’s talk.
Sheldon.studio connects data technology and design to unfold the complex things through great projects.